CHICAGO — Amazon is adding another Prime Day to the calendar, CNN reported.

The company announced Monday that the sale, called “Prime Early Access Sale,” will take place Oct. 11-12. The 48-hour event is only for members of its Prime subscription program and will feature discounts on “hundreds of thousands” of items.

“Prime Early Access Sale” will be available in 15 countries including Canada, China, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Amazon is following its rivals in getting a jumpstart on the holiday shopping season. Walmart announced last week that it will start its holiday sales as early as next month, and Target said its shopping kickoff, called “Deal Days,” will be held Oct. 6-8.

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Launching holiday shopping sales in October will help attract budget-conscious

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New York

It all started with a knock on the door four decades ago. It was 1982 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Patricia R. Miller was stopping by to introduce herself to new neighbor Barbara Bradley Baekgaard.

“I happened to be the welcoming committee of one,” Miller told CNN Business with a laugh. “Barbara answered the door draped in wallpaper — because it was their new home and she likes to wallpaper new homes — and I said, ‘Welcome.’ And that was it.”

The women quickly became inseparable. A few months later, coming home from a joint-family trip to Florida for Barb’s mother’s birthday, a layover in Atlanta changed everything. The duo, known to friends as “Pat and Barb” looked around at passengers’ luggage and noticed it all looked rather dull, in shades of beige and black.

The idea for Vera Bradley, named for Barb’s mother, is now

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Have we reached the tipping point?

Tipping culture is a part of our everyday lives — but TikTok users are saying it’s gone too far after an audacious ask from an online furniture store.

A TikTok user, who goes by @spookyweinershared a shocking discovery she made while making a purchase — a payment page which asked if she would like to tip the company.

“I’m purchasing an office chair online, and they’re asking me if I want to leave a tip,” the user says on the app in disbelief.

The image behind her showed a screenshot of her online checkout process, asking if she’d like to leave a tip for the “team,” giving her the option to leave a 1% tip of $2, 3% tip of $6, or 5 % tip of $10.

The woman was shocked she was asked to tip for an online order.
The woman was shocked she was asked to tip for an online order.
TikTok / spookywiener
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