Woman asked to tip while online shopping

Have we reached the tipping point?

Tipping culture is a part of our everyday lives — but TikTok users are saying it’s gone too far after an audacious ask from an online furniture store.

A TikTok user, who goes by @spookyweinershared a shocking discovery she made while making a purchase — a payment page which asked if she would like to tip the company.

“I’m purchasing an office chair online, and they’re asking me if I want to leave a tip,” the user says on the app in disbelief.

The image behind her showed a screenshot of her online checkout process, asking if she’d like to leave a tip for the “team,” giving her the option to leave a 1% tip of $2, 3% tip of $6, or 5 % tip of $10.

The woman was shocked she was asked to tip for an online order.
The woman was shocked she was asked to tip for an online order.
TikTok / spookywiener

The user was shopping at furniture company Homrest buying a “regular office chair” when the surprise tip option appeared.

In the comments, she said she immediately canceled the order.

“This is getting so ridiculous,” she wrote.

Replying to some of the users’ comments, the woman clarified the tip wasn’t for delivery and she wasn’t sure who the “team” the tip was for actually consisted of.

“They ship via UPS and Fedex. It’s not even their own delivery service or whatever. Which would make a little more sense,” she said.

Many users said they’ve experienced a similar page pop up when making online or self-service purchases recently.

“I was literally at a self checkout counter at the airport and it asked if I wanted to tip. Like tip who? Me the person who did self checkout?” another incredulous person said.

“Like. I’m using a discount code,” wrote one viewer, pointing out the user had used a promo code. “No I don’t want to tip.”

“That’s a donation not a tip,” agreed another.

“Tipping culture has become absolutely insane,” declared another.

Earlier in the year, some TikTokers took to the app to air their grievances over the pressure that comes with tipping via digital tablets.

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