Welcome to the final word guide to beauty balms. You’ll discover everything from drugstore BB lotions to luxury brands on this guide: I will cowl the fundamentals of BB, the brands available, and the place to find them.

Simply east off US Highway forty nine and earlier than the I-10 interchange as you might be slowing within the visitors approaching Gulfport you’ll be able to see this Barnes & Noble. Linda Randolph maintains a Coast-heavy and Mississippi-friendly selection. Even on weekday afternoons when I have visited, this place is busy with booklovers. As e-commerce forms such an important a part of many peoples lives within the trendy world, I believed it would be fascinating and useful to listing the relative merits and downsides of this still relatively current phenomenon.

I believe Zoho offers a solution to again up your information, the final time I checked. I’ve accounts with all of …

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Tech recruitment CEO shares tips on attracting shop talent

By Lurah Lowery
Business Practices

In a recent episode of Aftermarket Radio Network’s “Remarkable Results Radio” podcast, Technician Find CEO Christopher T. Lawson shared several approaches shops can take in today’s market to find and hire automotive technicians.

While Lawson’s focus was on automotive repair shops, specifically recruiting mechanics, the tips can easily be applied to collision repair shops and echo what collision industry leaders have recently shared.

During one of three OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit sessions held by the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) in November, TechForce Executive Director/CEO Jennifer Maher said 232,000 techs were needed in 2021 across automotive, diesel, and collision but schools were only graduating 42,000.

TechForce Foundation, Carlisle and Co., Collision Engineering, and I-CAR agreed during the session that shops should get involved with recruiting at schools by hosting hands-on

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Jar contained hundreds of dollars in holiday tips meant to be shared by employees

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The owner of a cannabis store in downtown Penticton, BC is hopeful that whoever took his staff’s tip jar will consider bringing back the cash or reimbursing the workers in some other way.

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According to CastanetMariana Wolff, owner of Cannabis Cottage, was more than a little disappointed to learn the tip jar had been stolen.

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MILWAUKEE — High inflation rates and increased consumer goods prices are making the 2022 holiday shopping season an unpredictable one.

Many toys and electronics are in high demand and short supply, and retailers are struggling to keep staff as the shopping season continues to grow.

Because of product shortages and increased online shopping trends, the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin said there would be an increase in purchasing scams this year. These scams accounted for nearly 40% of all scams reported to BBB Scam Tracker in 2021, according to the 2021 BBB Scam Tracker Risk Report.

Shortages are likely to make purchase scams even more common as desperate shoppers turn to random websites hoping to find this year’s must-have gifts.

The BBB recommends the following tips to “Shop Safe, Shop Smart” this holiday season:

  • Research before you buy
    Use BBB.org and shopper reviews to do your homework before paying.

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Do one thing: Check three websites before you buy: CamelCamelCamel, Keepa and Google. (Fine, that’s more than one thing.)

It’s bigger than you: You might believe that you don’t fall for marketing gimmicks and holiday season shopping guilt. But we all do. It’s OK.

feel good about: Stores are unusually nervous this year about being stuck with unsold merchandise. Retailers’ anxiety can be your gain.

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Technology can be your friend or your enemy in the march through the holiday shopping minefield.

The internet is screaming BUY THIS NOW or LAST CHANCE. The zeal for a good deal or to make people happy can make you buy dumb stuff. You could spend infinite hours sleuthing online to shave every dollar from your gift-giving

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