What to Wear This Holiday Season


Family gatherings, holiday parties, dirty Santa hosted events, and Christmas dinner all causes for an outfit. We are going to help you out this year, so you will avoid being a part of the women’s ugly Christmas sweaters club. We have sculpted a list of the best and biggest trends from New York and Paris Fashion Week that will have you holiday ready.

Paris Fashion Week just ended and it nothing short of glam. The Holidays are all about glimmer and shine. Paris Fashion Week revealed it too was all about glimmer shine. Opt in for some glimmer in your hair for the extra shine you’ll be looking for come this holiday season. Wearing an embellished hat or headband will do the trick. For this upcoming frosty winter, wearing a trench coat made of snakeskin will have heads turning. If a snakeskin trench coat is too far for you, try snakeskin boots. These boots will keep you warm and protected from the harsh winds.

Foe the fancy holiday galas that require you be dressed to the nines, opt in for structural heels. These heels will give you exactly what you need to stand out. These heels are structured with blocked heels, which are perfect for those people who do not feel too comfortable about wearing heels. These heels come in different styles. Some styles of this show are garnished with straps that wrap up your leg. Paris also revealed that pearls will pair beautifully with your winter wonderland look. Pearls can be worn in your ears, in a nice collar or a cuff. Designers also created handbags embellished with pearls.

New York Fashion Week did not disappoint either. It gave us some good insights on the trends will be wearing into the holiday season. Keep warm this winter when you go ice skating or go out to select your Christmas tree with family in a faux fur coat. The runways were covered with lavish coats that were not made from actual animals. Oversized sweaters are being paired with pants. Some oversized sweaters got so oversized on the runway it was hard to decipher between what was a sweater and what was a dress. Wearing one of these will keep you extremely cozy and cute while you gather with family and friends.

There was this whole ski theme on the NYC runway. If you’re spending Christmas in the Alps or live where snowfall is prevalent, New York Fashion Week created your go to outfits with ski inspired jackets, bottoms and tops. While you are working to shed some of Thanksgiving dinner, try out one of the sports jackets from New York Fashion Week. These jackets come in bold colors as well as subtle warmer colors. Just because its after Labor Day does not mean you have to hide your white clothing in the closet until spring. New York Fashion Week gave us the okay to wear white going into winter. The runways were drenched in ivories and cremes from head to toe.


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