How to stay warm in the winter?

The summer days are over and make time for a cold winter again. Of course, that also means that all men can put away their espadrilles guys and terry polo shirt again and put the warm sweaters back in the closet. Some men love the winter immensely. It means you can go on winter sports and that the holidays are here again. Others prefer to keep their linen blouse on instead of a wooly sweater and walk around in slippers rather than boots. Although you can’t change the cold, you can of course dress for it. With the following tips, you can make sure that you are no longer cold during the winter days.

Layers, layers, layers

The most important tip to ensure that you do not get cold is to put on layers. By wearing several layers, air is trapped between your skin and the warm clothes. This reduces the chance of the cold coming in underneath. You might be thinking, it doesn’t look good when you wear 4 shirts on top of each other. You can also do this in a fashionable way, think of a blouse with a sweater over it, or a body warmer over a shirt and a vest. Another tip, mostly for women, is to wear a panty underneath your pants. This might feel a little bit crazy at first, but it is very warm!

Cover all parts of your body

Some people may dress like an Eskimo in the winter, but they are quite right. It is very important to cover all parts of your body so that the heat cannot just escape. So in addition to your normal clothes and a coat, wear a scarf, gloves and a hat. It is also wise to wear long socks, so that you do not get cold calves on the bike, for example. Not only are these accessories really practical, it also looks nice!

Wear tight clothes

As a final tip, it is wise to wear tight clothing. The reason for this is simple: if there is less air between your skin and the fabric, it is easier to warm your body and then maintain this temperature. However, oversized clothing is very trendy these days. If you like to wear this, make sure you wear a tight shirt underneath. This way there is little air between your skin and the clothing and you will stay warm and therefore it’s good to keep this in mind if you are searching.

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