Halloween Ideas: A Few Themes to Consider for This Year’s Hallows Eve

It might seem unlikely, but dressing up offers many benefits. For example, it seems to nurture creativity. Perhaps this is one reason why many people love Halloween and the opportunity to dress up. The following are a few themes to consider if you have exhausted your looks.

Black & White Horror

You probably tried a few pop culture horror faces like the infamous Michael Myers, so why not go back to the black and white era to find some new faces to wear. There are plenty of horror icons you can use that you might get a kick out of like the first Dracula, or you can try dressing up like Frankenstein’s monster. There are thousands of possibilities that you will surely love.

Get Musical

Another interesting thing to do this Halloween is dress up like one of your favorite musical artists. You have probably noticed that musical artists can get pretty elaborate with their styles. Some of these styles are pretty iconic, which means it is likely that someone is going to recognize your look. There is always Elvis or Elton John or some current artists like Beyoncé or Lady Gaga. The world of music is there for inspiration, so why not give it a whirl this Halloween.

A Memorable Era

It might be a good idea to consider a memorable era. Every era has a particular style and look that you can use this Halloween. One of the most popular eras to consider at the moment is the 80s. You can look for some great 80s costumes, which is likely going to trigger some flashbacks for some of the people out and about on Halloween night. Do not be afraid of using props since the 80s also featured boom-boxes, which could be kind of fun to bring back at least for one night. You might want to research and pick out some iconic 80s songs if you are going to use a boom-box.

Comic World

There are a lot of movie and TV show superheroes that could be worn this Halloween. The superhero world has never been more popular, and you can use this this holiday. Sure, you can go with some of the more popular superheroes, but the world is pretty big, so you might want to try a few characters that some people might not know. The Sandman and Hellboy are two relatively unpopular characters that you can bring to life this year. You can also look at all the iconic comic book villains for inspiration, too. There are too many choices to be confined to just the popular superheroes, but it is ultimately up to you so have fun.

These are just some of the types of costumes you can try this year. Of course, you could choose others. Maybe you can try for something cultural or maybe you can just use your creative juices to make up a costume this year. In the end, it is all about finding something you love that speaks to you, so hopefully these ideas help.


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