Gelish 18G LED Lamp assessment

In case you observe me on Instagram or facebook you would possibly already know that i lately purchased a brand new toy… The gelish led lamp! It’s been on my wishlist for a totally long term, and that i subsequently broke down and acquired it.  The charge tag is a little steep and is what stored me at bay for see you later, but now that i’ve it I’m not sure how I survived without it!

I at first commenced out with the nail filer machine, that’s a awesome lamp at a completely affordable price.   I used it for about 2 years and in no way needed to exchange the bulbs, so it served me nicely.  The 2 minute treatment time turned into the only downside.  I nearly always follow 3 coats of shade, and with a base and pinnacle coat i might have to treatment every hand 5 instances for two minutes each time.  This lamp does healthy both palms, but I continually ended up doing my fingers one after the other anyway.  Then I upgraded to the Gelish Mini pro forty five lamp, which healing procedures the polish in just 45 seconds, however it simplest does 4 fingers at a time, so I needed to cure my thumbs one at a time.

The 18G lamp fits all 5 fingers at once and the curing instances are lightning fast!  It only takes five seconds to remedy the foundation, 20 seconds for lighter colorations, 30 seconds for darker colors and 20 seconds for the pinnacle coat.  Oh yea!!  So now it best takes up to 2 minutes to therapy each hand in preference to 10.

This lamp is pretty high tech.  It has three buttons at the again where you can set it to remedy for 5, 20 or 30 seconds.  It has a movement detector and detects when you slide your hand or foot into the hole and robotically activates.  It has a bit protect that you slide down over your hand to keep the mild in the lamp and from blinding you.  The lamp beeps while it turns on and off,  so if you aren’t paying attention  whilst it’s performed.  I normally watch tv whilst I’m doing my nails so that is fine.

The bottom plate is magnetic and pulls right off for smooth cleaning.  Under is a image of the interior with the bottom plate pulled off.

I study in some reviews that humans complained about the period of the electricity cord, but this lamp has the longest wire of all the lamps I’ve attempted/owned.  I think the most important downside is that the lamp doesn’t have an on/off switch, so that you have to unplug it if you need to completely turn it off.  It additionally gets a touch warm while in use, however now not to the point of being uncomfortable.


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