Characteristics of Credit Card Addictions, Are You The One One?

In these days using credit cards as a means of payment or transactions are increasingly being done. Understand it, the advantages offered by this banking product, the practicality and convenience can be spelled very seductive, not to mention the promo offered. However, with a variety of benefits that, it can make us forget ourselves so that become addicted to Credit Card.

Yes, addicted to Credit Card. What is the same as other addictions? You could say similar, because it takes time to escape from the habit of swiping this plastic card. The problem is that many people are not aware of the danger. The proof, instead of decreasing, the number of credit card users actually more and more. In fact, one person can sometimes have 3 or 5 credit cards, even more.

Use Credit Cards Equals With Debt!

This is often not thought of those who diligently swipe credit cards for transactions. Where, if the card is already used, then not you who pay, but the bank. So the fall, we are already owed to the bank that has paid the purchased goods.

Indeed, not everyone will be very easy to swipe credit cards into the payment machine just like that. There are some people who do not do that. However, if we have fallen into the abyss of addiction or addiction that, of course credit card impact will be very bad.

Characteristics of Credit Card Person

There are some features that indicate that you are already addicted to Credit Cards. Anything? This is it.

  1. Shopping = Swipe Credit Card

The most obvious characteristic of people who are addicted to credit cards is that they can never stop swiping their credit cards. Whatever item is purchased, regardless of price, provided that the place provides a string swipe device or EDC machine, surely he will not pay cash.

Imagine if you keep swiping cards while shopping but never counting what items are bought using it. How much spending is uncounted and turned into debt. Of course it would be very burdensome. If your credit card usage frequency has started to increase, it’s time you start stop using it.

  1. Feel Always Have Money, And That’s Debt

By having a credit card, we sometimes forget one thing. If it is not our additional money, it belongs to a bank that when used turns into debt. One example of this second trait is never able to resist the desire to buy an item that is actually considered unnecessary because they feel they still have more money.

  1. Always Spend Limit Credit Card For Shopping

Each Credit Card has different limits. Here, for people who are addicted must always use it to the limit. His affair, for people who have been affected by this syndrome, regardless of the limit, will surely be spent to meet his uncontrolled desires.

  1. Can not Stop Applying for Credit Card

If it’s a limit issue, this is the number of cards. Where, people who are already addicted to Credit Cards usually never feel enough about the number of cards they have. So it will make it continue to apply in other banks in the hope of having more “fund” inventory to use.

In fact, too many cards can actually provide new problems. It is difficult to control and keep an eye on your spending. Maybe this problem can be solved if we record all transactions. But imagine if not? How many transactions we do not know.

  1. Got Unfulfilled Debt

This is the end of all things. Where, when someone who is addicted to a credit card continues to use the tool without being able to stop, of course the debt will continue to accumulate. Imagine if that happens constantly, how much debt he collects. Can he afford it? May be.

But what if not? Be prepared to keep being chased by a bank or debt collector to pay off the debt. If the habit can not be controlled, certainly during his life will continue to be in debt.

Control Yourself, Differentiate Where Needs and Desires

One way that we do not get addicted to Credit Cards is to learn to control the appetite of shopping. Sound easy, but not in reality. Therefore, try to learn to distinguish between wants and needs. Because by knowing the difference between the two, you become aware of which items should take precedence and those that are not. Therefore, do not get addicted to Credit Card yes!

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