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Of all the theories that I saw; from moths to jean buttons, and even shirts getting pinched by dumbells at the gymnasium, the speculation that made essentially the most sense (in my case, anyway) was my kitchen counter. Many individuals were coming to the conclusion that they had been leaning against their granite counter tops, which were causing the button of their denims to rub by means of the shirt and towards the sting of the counter, which triggered the holes. There have been a couple of people (appears that these commenters and posters are principally ladies, by the way) who did not have granite counter tops, but the majority did.

Not solely did I major in costuming in my undergrad years, however I spent seven years working for a company that made lingerie. Between classes where I needed to memorize a ton of names of historical clothes and then working in an expert manufacturing setting, my take on underwear comes with words that mean sure issues. I’m going to share a few of those words and interpretations with you here because you will higher understand what I’m talking about later. Your private experience and vocabulary might differ.

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