Pastor Chris Oyakhilome- Transforming Lives around the World


It’s the arrival of the Nigerian outreach season, and the followers of Rhapsody of Realities are celebrating the 57th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence in Nigeria. They will distribute 30 million copies of Rhapsody of Realities across the country. The theme of the Nigeria campaign this year is to inspire greater dreams. In fact, Community development projects, educational projects, and other funding projects have been organized around the theme in different parts of the country. Arrival in Nigeria Prayer meetings took place all over the country, where the members prayed for Nigeria.

The festivities were part of a two-month carnival (October-November), in which green and white animals consuming members reached the attention of many countries across the country while they were given their copies of Rhapsody of Realities and leading. in the prayer of redemption. Rhapsody of Realities was distributed in Nigeria, from the presidency to government agencies, armed forces, schools, hospitals, markets, streets, residential areas and the list goes on! Football tournaments, seminars, public lectures and even prisons were filled with the book and the Word of God. The colors of green and white were everywhere to represent the message of the church.

The Republic of Nigeria is a West African country in the Gulf of Guinea. It has a varied topography with dry savannah, rainforest, mountains, mangroves and a huge delta of Niger. Nigeria gained independence from the UK in 1960 and is now divided into 30 states to speed up development and minimize the impact of ethnicity on national policy. Ethnicity is a sensitive issue since Nigeria has 426 ethnic groups. The economy is driven by oil, it is a rich nation, but mismanagement is rich and leads to extreme poverty. God will change all this.

According to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ,God will eliminate all Ahab who are in authority and all impious leaders and those who do not maintain justice and integrity. That the doors open in all houses which do not know the Lord because the Gospel permeates. God will bless and protect all believers before every attack of the enemy in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen. We pray in Isaiah 54:17 that “every weapon fought against you has no effect and every tongue which is raised against you in the judgment, you condemn, that is the inheritance of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from me, says:

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome asks his followers to pray for peace ,relatives and / or property and business during the religious and tribal violence. Pray against all hidden agendas and that any attempt to orchestrate violence between religious communities in Nigeria will never come anywhere. Pray that all bad advice will be destroyed. Pray for wisdom in dealing with the resources of nations, especially oil. Pray that all the corruption, injustice and wickedness in high places are overthrown and destroyed completely in Jesus mighty name, Amen. God says in Proverbs 11: 1, “The abomination of the Lord is a false abomination, but its weight is right.”

Destruction of all false weights and speaks of the altar of Almighty God, to establish the name of Jesus Mighty Amen. From east to west, north announces a blessing to the south. Heal the economy restore agriculture and divine guidance. Do not forget to cover yourself, your family, your relatives, your ministry and your work, with the blood of Jesus. Ask God to fight your rearguard in intercession. Pray also for all other believers who pray for nations and ask God to strengthen them and bring them success.

A believer testified that “the book was so good because it teaches a lot, no matter when you read it, your mind and your mind will be better … Thank you, Pastor Chris, for this opportunity.

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