Pastor Chris’ Healing School Programs that You Can Be a Part Of


The gospel healing ministry is enormously growing globally but only a few individuals have the Biblical calling to heal ailments and cast out demons. The healing institution headed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has the divine calling to take healing to every nation of the world. The school is a collective effort by committed individuals and corporations who are dedicated to changing people’s lives. They are active sponsors of the ministry’s programs.

This is important not only to Pst. Chris but to every single individual who looks up to God for divine healing. Yearly, the gospel of healing and miracles is taken to different nations such as South Africa and Canada and masses get to be part of the healing and miracle sessions performed by the man of God. The crusades invoke unbelievable miracles such as the seeing of the blind, walking by the disabled, and clearing of cancer.

Pst. Chris’ school has the following healing programs:

  1. Cyber Church

The Cyber Church is a community of online members that are dedicated to facilitating spiritual growth around the globe. If you want to get daily and weekly motivational scriptures and advice from the man of God, this is the platform to join. The program avails engaging and inspiring online seminars that you can be a part of. Through the Cyber Church program, every new member gets access to the Prayer of Salvation. This allows you to fully accept and commit to the call of Christ. As a saved member, you are entitled to full membership advantages of this online program. You get to share and learn from others on spiritual living and growth.

  1. Prayer Network

This platform allows you to pray to all active members in the healing school. As a prayer member, others also get to pray for you. The prayer chains are important in presenting all active funders of the healing school to God. The Prayer network program is an integral pillar towards the spread of the healing ministry throughout the globe. Through the prayer chains, individuals with specific prayer needs can be able to share with the prayer team. You can share details of a troubling sickness, miracle needs or even a social problem, and the team gets to pray with you.

  1. School Magazine

This booklet is available for downloading on the ministry’s website at The magazine editions are produced on a yearly basis and you can always claim your copy via subscription. Through the publication, you are able to learn about the school programs and the ministry in general. You also get access to Pst. Chris’ latest miracles and healing services as you read scriptures and inspiring words from the pastor. The magazine is a very interactive and motivational program.

  1. School Partnership

Thousands of dedicated individuals and organizations have joined the partnership program as active financiers of the healing ministry. They relentlessly support Pastor Chris by making sure that the gospel of healing and miracle gets to every corner of the earth. As a healing partner, you get to be a life changer, and this is massively appreciated by the spiritual fraternity. You can join the program online and be a facilitator of the healing gospel.


Pst. Chris’ healing Institute is a very inspiring and life changing platform. With a variety of healing and miracles happening everywhere the pastor goes, many are subject to believe. You can believe that cancer, infertility, and disability can be overcome. All this is possible through prayer and faith in God. You can be part of any of the above healing programs and experience the mighty working hand of God through his servant, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

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