Muskingum Co. Sheriff’s Office Provide Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping

ZANESVILLE, Oh – Holiday shopping is in full swing, with many heading out to find those perfect gifts for everyone on their lists.

And the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office wants to ensure you tay safe as you head out to find all the jolly good deals,

Sheriff Matt Lutz says it all starts on the road, advising you to be patient, take your time, and expect delays on your trip to the store, especially with the added challenge of ongoing construction throughout the area.

Although he recommends shopping during the day, Sheriff Lutz knows that’s not always possible and recommends having a plan before you head out after dark and always parking in well lit areas, also adding you should manually lock your car instead of using the key fob.

“You know, just trying to be cognizant of what’s going on around you, familiar with your surroundings, and again just using little things that you cannot make yourself as susceptible to somebody doing something for you.

Another safety tip is, I like to tell people walk in crowds. And so, if I’m going to the store and I park out in the parking lot and I’m the only one there, maybe kind of wait in my car with my doors locked until I see other people going in,” Sheriff Lutz told us.

If you’re going store to store, Lutz suggests concealing your previous purchases in the trunk or somewhere not easily visible from the outside of the car.

Even once you get home from your shopping trip, it’s still important to take precautions, as simple as just locking your car door and taking all your gifts and valuables inside with you or even just being an observer of your surroundings.

“We just can’t be everywhere at one time. Even within the city limits, the Zanesville Police Department’s limited on where all they can be at one time, they’re busy running call to call. So it’s extremely tough for us to try to protect those things, so anything you can do, keeping your houses well-lit at home, your driveways well-lit at home, motion lights. Those things are always a benefit to have.

See something, say something. Or write it down, or take a note on your phone, it’s so easy to take notes on your phone,” Lutz added.

Lutz says even something as simple as taking down a license plate number or snapping a picture of a suspicious car that could be valuable should a crime occur.

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