Getting the Perfect Fitting Shirt Online

No two body shapes are the same. This becomes obvious when visiting a retail store to purchase a premade shirt. How often do you find the perfect fitting shirt made in the style you were looking for with the detailing that you had in mind? Often, you settle for a shirt the retailer has in stock that is the nearest to your size and color.

Finding a personal tailor that you like may also be a challenge. Unless you live in a large urban area, a tailor shop may be nonexistent. However, there is another option. With the use of the internet, buying perfect fitting dress shirt can become a reality.

How to Order A Perfect-Fitting Shirt Online. The very first thing is to get proper measurements. This is a detailed process that requires some tailor or trained personnel in a large department store. They will know how to measure your torso and arms in the way an online tailoring site can create a blueprint for your custom shirt.

Next, choose the type fabric that suits your look and need.

A cotton or cotton blend poplin or broadcloth that can be casual or office wear with a very light texture and a tight weave. Linen is a comfortable, lightweight choice for a casual look. Try a cotton pinpoint oxford that lends itself to work or casual wear. Choose Chambray for a comfortable, durable alternative to broadcloth. Twill is soft with a diagonal weave that can also come in a herringbone. If you want a sheen effect, try a royal oxford fabric. Now for the unique style that you can call your own. Each part of the shirt can be styled to fit your taste. Here are some of your choices: The front of the shirt set the stage for the look you are going for. The usual choices are a pleated front, pressed back, fly front (hides buttons), or French front. More distinct styles are a western cut and tux styles.

The back and shoulders complete the torso with the choices of a smooth, inverted or box pleat, or a western point. Front pockets are entirely up to you. There are different cuts that include square, angle, and round at whatever size you desire. You may want to consult with a tailor on what would look best. Collars are very much a part of the look of the shirt and there are several spreads to choose from. The most common styles are regular or button down. Other looks are the tab, curved, Eton, band, or hidden. Short sleeve cuts offer plain, cuff, or vented. Cuffs styles offer cuts that come in round, square, envelope, angle, cutaway, and deep with several numbers of buttons. Choice of buttons used is the “jewelry” of the shirt which can add to the look of the style or blend in as the finishing touch. Have fun designing your own personal style with a great fit.

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