MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WVLT) -The Morristown Police Department warned holiday shoppers of ways to be safe while shopping this holiday season.

Aside from making sure you lock your car doors, here are other ways to keep your belongings and family safe:

– Shop while it is daylight.

– If shopping at night, park in a well-lit area. Park as close to the building as possible. Avoid parking next to vans, cars with dark-tinted windows, or trucks with camper tops.

– Do not leave the vehicle unoccupied while the motor is running and do not leave children unattended in a vehicle.

– Leave packages and valuables in your trunk locked or hidden out of plain sight.

– Before returning to your vehicle, locate your keys.

– Avoid carrying a purse or wallet. If carrying a purse, always keep a secure hold on your purse. Never leave purse unattended.

– If there is

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There’s no denying that Coca-Cola is iconic. From the logo to the bottle to the ‘Holidays Are Coming’ advertising, it has ingratiated itself into American and world culture. But, would you want to wear it?

Coco-Cola, the $40 billion business has seen revenues stay pretty much static over the last decade and its diversification into other food and beverage areas – Costa Coffee, Innocent, Smartwater – is well documented.

Clearly eyeing the potential of collaborations, and wondering why Coke has sat back and watched as the world has been inundated with numerous fashion collections from other iconic American brands such as Disney, Barbie or KFC, somebody at Atlanta HQ had the unenviable task of making Coke the new Disney. (Indeed Coca-Cola and Disneyland Paris collaborated on a limited edition collection earlier this year, see main image).

In April, this year, a flagship store, the first of its kind in Europe,

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As Holiday shopping season kicks into full gear, the Sunnyside Police Department shared several tips to “help prioritize the protection of your property and yourself.”

SPD suggests parking in well-lit areas, plus having your keys ready before you get back to your car. Beware of any approaching strangers.

It also says to never leave your personal items unattended, especially including leaving valuables or new purchases in your car. If you have to leave items in the car, cover them so that your properties are not in plain view.

It’s also important to protect your pins. Make sure you cover your pin wherever you enter it and never write it down on your card or share it with anyone.

Inflation hovers over shoppers seeking deals on Black Friday

But safety threats aren’t exclusive to shopping in-stores; you must also be safe while shopping online. The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) outlines the steps you can take to prevent

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