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Why You Must Opt for Wood Paneling There is nothing that can really compare to the fantastic experience of going through a room with wood paneling. You will see a captivating patina as well as texture of wooden paneled walls envelopes the people who enter with sensual warmth which you cannot get from other treatments. The oiled, natural, stained, waxed, or painted-from the cozy cottage to such elegant wood would elevate the area to a new level. Interior paneled walls have almost always been decorated. From the previous century series of panels, they were actually molded frameworks that were arranged on interior walls. The hardwood paneling was originally used as a way to seal a room from the cold drafts, but nearly immediately become a showcase of craftsmanship with such artistic expression that reached its peak in the eighteenth century. Throughout history, several forms of lining interior walls that come with wooden treatment has really changed from one dominant form to another one. Each has its respective character which lends to the unique ambiance or the wooden room, particularly when combined with hardwood plank flooring.
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Look for a specialist who will be able to assist you to choose and create the right look that you would like for the interior panels. You can find so many options when you would choose from the wood species and there are several other methods of installation as well. You can go for the raised panel wall systems the pickwick, butt-jointed and several others. You may have the rough-sawn plank boards as well as the recessed flat panel wall systems, the log siding and also other choices.
News For This Month: Products
For the flat and raise paneled walls, you can find a great craftsman who can help you layout as well as design a fantastic wall system that may be prefabricate so that this will just be assembled at the job site. You may have the furniture-grade factory finishing that you can get on request. When you have to get that quality wood paneling, you should have the 3/4″ thick tongue and should be grooved and this has to be finished on both sides. You should make sure that this is the kind which has been dried to less than 7 to 8 percent of moisture content. The wood paneling can also be obtained in reclaimed antique. You will also be able to find the imported and also domestic wood species which include oak, maple, cherry, hickory, mahogany, cypress, cedar, walnut, heart pine and other species in different grades and cuts. What you have to do is that you have to ensure that you work with the expert so that you will be able to choose the best panels that you would like to use for your home.


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