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It’s the arrival of the Nigerian outreach season, and the followers of Rhapsody of Realities are celebrating the 57th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence in Nigeria. They will distribute 30 million copies of Rhapsody of Realities across the country. The theme of the Nigeria campaign this year is to inspire greater dreams. In fact, Community development projects, educational projects, and other funding projects have been organized around the theme in different parts of the country. Arrival in Nigeria Prayer meetings took place all over the country, where the members prayed for Nigeria.

The festivities were part of a two-month carnival (October-November), in which green and white animals consuming members reached the attention of many countries across the country while they were given their copies of Rhapsody of Realities and leading. in the prayer of redemption. Rhapsody of Realities was distributed in Nigeria, from the presidency to government agencies, armed forces, schools, … Read more

Halloween Ideas: A Few Themes to Consider for This Year’s Hallows Eve

It might seem unlikely, but dressing up offers many benefits. For example, it seems to nurture creativity. Perhaps this is one reason why many people love Halloween and the opportunity to dress up. The following are a few themes to consider if you have exhausted your looks.

Black & White Horror

You probably tried a few pop culture horror faces like the infamous Michael Myers, so why not go back to the black and white era to find some new faces to wear. There are plenty of horror icons you can use that you might get a kick out of like the first Dracula, or you can try dressing up like Frankenstein’s monster. There are thousands of possibilities that you will surely love.

Get Musical

Another interesting thing to do this Halloween is dress up like one of your favorite musical artists. You have probably noticed that musical artists … Read more